(Yeah it’s true that lettuce seems like a healthy choice to a feed a hamster and in fact many people give the little dudes lettuce on a regular basis as a supplement to their diet. There are three things to keep in mind concerning lettuce.

  1. Lettuce actually ain’t got too much nutritional value
  2. Excessive lettuce can cause diarrhea
  3. Studies show that excessive lettuce can lead to liver disease

Adding it up in my mind lettuce ain’t a good idea to feed a hamster. At the same time if you still feel the need to feed your little dude lettuce after reading this post first off ‘limit’ the amount and second don’t choose ‘Iceberg’ lettuce choose ‘Romaine’ lettuce. Even though both types of lettuce got a high water content ‘Romaine’ is the better choice because in the world of lettuce the fact is the ‘darker’ the leaf the more nutritional value there is so it makes more sense to use ‘Romaine’. In fact ‘humans’ can also benefit by eating ‘Romaine’ lettuce as opposed to ‘Iceberg’ lettuce. Personally my choice for my little dudes is no lettuce but hey do what you gotta do. The Rebel is over and out.)

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