Choosing a Hamster

Although there are several species of hamsters recognised throughout the world, only 5 species are commonly recognised as pets. The Syrian, the Chinese, the Roborovski, the Campbell’s Russian hamster and the Winter White Russian hamster. The Chinese, Roborovski, Campbell’s and Winter White are known as dwarf hamsters, as they are only about 7-10cm in size, compared to the Syrian which are about double this size.

All hamsters make brilliant pets, however, there are some differences you should know about before choosing your hamster.The major difference is that whilst dwarf hamsters love company, (and should where possible be housed with a same sex friend) Syrians are solitary animals and should never be housed with another Syrian, no matter how big the cage is, whether they appear to be friends or they are littermates. One day, the two Syrians will kill each other, no matter how friendly they seem. So, if you want 2 hamsters that will live happily together, get dwarves, but make sure they are the same sex or you will end up with lots of unwanted babies.


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